Another year has gone by, and in New Zealand fresh summer daisies are springing up to signal new growth and new hope.

This week marks (roughly) one year of writing our blog! And… what a year it has been.

Covid-19 aside, so much has happened this year. Especially, in Sarah and my creative endeavors. Sometimes, like this week, when writing has been difficult, it is easy to feel defeated—like no progress has been made. But writing this blog post and reflecting on all the previous posts I have written has allowed me to put my current struggles into perspective.

Sarah and I have accomplished so much during the year, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

-We finished writing The Price of Pandemonium, the second installment in our teen fiction series

-Edited The Price of Pandemonium innumerable times and sent this novel out to our beta-readers

-Outlined and planned Darkness, Set Us Free, the third installment in our teen fiction series

-Wrote and edited Darkness, Set Us Free

-Brainstormed, outlined, and planned our yet unnamed historical fiction novel

-Created the main characters for our historical fiction novel

-Began writing our historical fiction novel (we are 12,000 words through at the time of writing this blog post!)

-We started our podcast, Dear Writer

We started writing this blog to put ourselves out there and connect with other like-minded writers. As aspiring authors, it is an uphill battle to be discovered and gain a following. So, this blog was one way to start that process. Whether that has worked or not remains to be seen.

Regardless, writing this blog has done wonders for me. The largest benefit of writing these blog posts has been establishing an ongoing record that allows us to look back and see exactly what we have accomplished. And on those days and weeks when I feel like my writing has hit a brick wall, or it takes me hours just to write 100 words, there is somewhere I can go to see what I was doing a few weeks ago. Somewhere that can help put my day to day struggles into perspective.