Now Available: When the Rain Falls

Join us for Sasha A. Linderson’s debut release, When the Rain Falls. This first novel of the Black Skies Series follows a group of rebel teenagers fighting to survive as war erupts and destroys their world. With their town overrun by soldiers, they have no choice but to weather the storm in the thick native bush. But the teens know they can’t hide forever. They have lost their homes, their families, and now they must risk the only thing they have left—their freedom—to bring peace back to New Zealand. Click here to find out more.

About the Authors

Sasha A. Linderson is the pen-name for authors Ashley Lindsay and Sarah Anderson. Ashley and Sarah both grew up together in Tauranga, New Zealand. Ashley now resides in Auckland, New Zealand, and Sarah resides in Calgary, Canada. Click here to read more about the authors and their writing process.

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  • Julia and I have been going through our first, snot nosed challenges of flu season with a baby.

‘S’not a Problem

March 1st, 2023|0 Comments

It will come as no big surprise to you that Ashley and I have struggled to keep the blog up to date.


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