Spotlight on Everything

It will come as no big surprise to you that Ashley and I have struggled to keep the blog up to date. The podcast, yes. The blog… put it this way. It’s hard to sit down and write something when you have very little time to begin with. And, when you know that time writing might be better spent doing something else, like writing your book for example. Drafting. Editing. So, I have come up with—Pause. What’s that? She’s waking up. *Scurries off. Nap rescues.*—Sorry. What was I saying? Well, you can see the common issue here. So, I have come up with a plan to video blog portions of my day. Stay tuned for that. For now, you can enjoy one last good old fashioned blog post from me.

I am definitely getting better at time management with a little one, and carving out small chunks to work on the podcast and our book. So far, I have finished chapter one of Darkness, Set Us Free and am working on the next, which happens to be one from Lizzie’s perspective. This chapter has needed so much editing, I have basically just rewritten the entire thing. Only, it turns out it’s also a very looooong chapter. So it’s going to be split into two, because who wants to read a chapter of more than 6000 words in a teen novel? That’s a big chunk and not bite-sized reading. Currently, I am almost done the first half. It’s been an interesting challenge, and a little depressingly, I will still need to edit the stuff I rewrote. So editing is basically turning into rewriting and THEN editing. Fun times.

Julia and I have been going through our first, snot nosed challenges of flu season with a baby.

The past two weeks, however, everything was put on hold. We experienced our first head-cold with Julia. There was snot EVERYWHERE. You couldn’t avoid it. Tantrums every time I so much tried to wipe the poor girl’s nose. Screaming when I squirted saline up it. Arms flailing and trying to yank the snot sucker out of my hands. And with all the coughing directly in my face it was not surprising that several days later I also caught the dreaded bug. And then, when I was at my worst with my head feeling like a gigantic pumpkin and my nose running like it was trying to win the Olympic sprints, Julia decided to start doing what they call ‘split nights’. Which, if you’re not familiar, is when babies wake at 1 or 2 or 3 am in the morning and won’t go back to sleep for several hours. Julia—true to form, she has a terrible ‘rock to sleep’ association—would cry every time I so much tried to sit down with her, even if I was on the rocking chair. My Fitbit told me I completed 10,000 steps before I even got up for the day on one of our trickiest nights. But, I’m not sure how accurate that was considering it also believed I was exercising on an elliptical walker at 2am. I’ve since acquired a Garmin smartwatch, which seems more accurate and has satisfied the urge to dwell over how terrible night sleep I had (“here’s proof!” I can tell everyone now, haha).

Anyways. We’re mainly over it. Julia is well, I am nearly well. Just blocked ears and a plugged nose that is lingering on. A couple more days and all will be back to normal.