Spotlight on Writing / Personal Update

Guess what? I’m going on a writing retreat.

At least, that’s what I’m calling my trip into hospital. A little unconventional maybe, but why can’t the hospital be a great writing retreat? I will have nothing to do, meals brought to me, no clean up required. Heck, I won’t even have to get out of bed unless I feel like it. Not to mention, considering the hospital is my usual place of work, it makes sense to me that I would use this upcoming time to do exactly that: work. It’s not 100% confirmed in the calendar yet, but my condition hasn’t improved from the last ultrasound so the plan remains the same: hospital stay at 32 weeks’ gestation, c-section at 34-35 weeks’.

Until then, like any trip away from home there’s been a lot to do, and so I haven’t been writing much. Instead, Ashley and I have been developing a huge backlog of podcast episodes, so Dear Writer can keep rolling over the next few months. This has taken up a lot of our weekends, and time in between has been spent developing episode plans and editing hours of audio. And then there’s all the spring-cleaning that needs to be done (I’m telling you, ‘nesting’ is a totally real phenomenon!). But, strangely, I have been enjoying this time. I’ve had a rush of energy to be productive and it’s satisfying to see everything slowly take shape and fall into place.

Hopefully, with some quiet time to myself (not counting hospital alarms or a few screaming women in the maternity unit) the writing will fall into place, too.

Have you ever been on a writing retreat? Where is the strangest place you have ever attempted to write creatively? Let me know in the comments!

Writing Retreat