Spotlight on Writing/Personal Update

Has it really been a month? That’s what I find myself thinking as I sit down to write this post. A lot of things happen in the life of a newborn in a month. And since my days are dictated by this tiny little being, a lot of things have happened for me, too. I’ve found that as Julia’s preterm sleepiness has faded, it has once again become a little trickier to find snatches of time. Every nap (particularly ones where I manage to put her down in the bassinet) becomes a race: Can I get the bottles washed and in the sterilizer? Or the formula made? The clothes washed? Only once the priorities are attended to do I finally get time for me, often hampered with one arm holding this sweet little one.

And, there is also mental fog to deal with. By now I’m clocking a rather large sleep debt. I’ve even started sleeping through my alarms which has never happened to me before. I was convinced my phone was malfunctioning—how could I wake, reach under the bassinet in an awkward position, retrieve my phone and turn off the alarm, yet not remember any of it? But, I had definitely set the alarm the night before. After the third night of this happening, I finally had a glimmer of a memory, so faint I was unsure it actually happened. Had I really picked up my phone, turned off the alarm, peered into the bassinet and told myself, she’s sleeping so peacefully, I’ll give her just ten more minutes till I wake her for a feed…

tiny boss big demands

Apparently sleep befuddled, midnight Sarah has been making some decisions on my behalf, and I don’t really appreciate her input. So, I now sleep with my phone across the room so I have to get out of bed to turn the alarm off!

But, we are surviving, and life is continuing, including editing of our second novel, The Price of Pandemonium. Progress is progress, and as a recent interviewee on our podcast reminded me, it only takes one sentence a day. I really loved this sentiment, look out for the upcoming podcast interview with Beth D. Carter for more wise words. Her thoughts were, if you manage one sentence, you’ve achieved something. Usually, more words follow in their wake. If they don’t, you still have that one sentence. You have been productive!