Merry Christmas! Picture shows some festive baubles hanging on a tree

I hope everyone reading this blog post had a joyous festive season, consumed an abundance of turkey (or other food of your choice), and managed to spend quality time with family (be it online or in person).

Thankfully, here in NZ we had barely any COVID-19 restrictions in place over Christmas, so, I count myself lucky to have spent my Christmas day with family in the sunshine. We golfed and made pizza which felt like an appropriate, though untraditional, way to spend the holidays.

It also provided me a very welcome break from my writing. I have been absolutely slaving over my current chapter which fluctuates between 1500 and 200 words, depending on how many words I delete and rewrite in each sitting. Now, I feel sufficiently rested and ready to jump back in and try and make some real progress.

Finally, like the rest of the world, I am eagerly counting down the days to 2021. I looked back at one of my old blog posts, dated January 6th 2020, and was amused at how hopeful I was. 2020 was the start of a new decade, and full of so much potential. My exuberance for the start of 2020 is summed up by the final line of that blog post: “Bring on 2020, and all it has to offer!”

As it turned out, 2020 had a lot to offer… it just wasn’t what anyone wanted. All we can hope for is that 2021 is better than 2020. And, quite frankly, I’m optimistic that it will be.


Merry Christmas from Tucker and Reilly, Ashley's two golden retriever dogs. Tucker is reindeer antlers and Reilly is wearing a Santa hat.