Author Spotlight – M.K. Stabley

On our Author Spotlight segment this month we chatted with M.K. Stabley. She is a US based author who writes cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist. She has two series, The Eva St. Claire Mysteries and The Alexa Vandagau Mysteries. The next novel in her Eva St. Claire Series will be released in August. When she’s not writing, she’s talking about writing on her podcast, The Talking Book Podcast. We had an engaging conversation about her writing process, her inspiration, and her writing journey so far.

Author Spotlight - M.K. Stabley
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Episode Summary:

Author Spotlight: M.K. Stabley

Tell us about how you first started writing, and when you decided to pursue it more seriously and started thinking about getting your book published.

M.K. started writing the year she turned forty, to tick an item off the bucket list! She achieved her goal within six months. She was interested in writing mysteries and was lucky enough to do some real-life research, going for ride-alongs with the police and learning how to work different weaponry! She even went through a mock trial inside a courtroom, and these experiences have been gold, allowing her to include a high level of detail in her novels.

Who are some of your favourite authors/writers/creators that inspire you?

Authors who inspire M.K include Janet Evanovich, Charlene Harris, Laurie Foster, and Sophia Kinsella to name just a few.

How do you juggle writing with life/work/your other creative projects?

M.K. notes that when she started writing, her son was already in his college years, so she never had to juggle small kids with her writing. While she was working, she would write mainly on her days off, giving herself at least a few hours. Once covid hit and she was forced to take a break from work, progress moved a lot quicker. M.K. has recently stopped work, as she relocated to different states for her husband’s job, and now is focused exclusively on her writing.

When you first started how did you better yourself as an author? Classes? Podcasts? Youtube? Novel writing books? Are there any particular recommendations you have?

Although M.K. does have one writing book (Writing for Dummies!) she has preferred to take the learn-as-you-go approach to her writing career, listening to feedback from others and allowing a more natural evolution of her skills.

What is your writing process? Plotter/Pantser?

M.K. identifies as being half and half when it comes to the ‘pantser/plotter’ question. She likes to plan out characters, locations and a loose outline of the book, but remains flexible to things changing along the way as she writes.

Tell us about your publishing journey.

M.K.’s publishing journey has so far remained on the self-publishing pathway. She is thinking about querying agents and publishers in the future, but for now enjoys the control she has with self-publishing and being able to retain all her rights as a self-published author. It’s also nice being able to make your own deadlines instead of feeling pressured to write.

Tell us about The Talking Book Podcast.

With M.K.’s co-host, Perrie Patterson, they feature indie authors on each episode. The author and their book are mentioned and tagged in their posts on their social media platforms for a small fee. They also choose one indie book to feature each month of any genre.

Tell us the Eva St. Claire Mysteries.

Eva is a wife, Mom and a witch, not by choice though.  She’d left the magic behind her 20 years ago, but when her boss is accused of murder and everything points to her, Eva decides to do the one thing she vowed never to do, again and that’s to practice magic.   While conjuring up a spell, she finds the real killer, but there’s a twist… I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say, the FBI has an interest in here now.

Tell us the Alexa Vandagau Mysteries.

The Alexa Vangagau Mysteries is based in Arizona. Alexa is just finishing college, and when she sees her best friend’s boyfriend die in a vision, she must work to prevent murder before her vision becomes a reality.

Other projects on the horizon?

The next book in the Eva St. Claire Mysteries, Lying Lanier,  will be available in August, and M.K. is also currently working on another book, All of the Fates, which will be available late this year.

Where can people find your books and your podcast?

The Talking Book Podcast is available on Spotify, and M.K.’s books you can find on her website which has links to her books available on Amazon.

How can people get in touch with you if they would like to know more?

You can reach out to M.K. through her website, or she is on both Facebook and Instagram.