Spotlight on Writing
We're getting into character over the next few weeks. It can be tricky, just like the trouble I had making this snowman! He might not be the prettiest, but I used the materials I had at hand!

Ashley and I are so close to starting our next project, but we’re not quite there. The next step for us is ironing out our characters so we can create a consistent feel across the book. This is one thing that is really necessary when you’re creating collaboratively, we found, is making sure we’re both on the same page when it comes to characterization.

It helps when we each have our own characters to write, because then any style differences can be attributed to the character. In the Ancient Greece novel we’re starting soon, we’re going to utilize perspectives from three different characters. At the moment, it’s unclear what chapters each of us are writing. Whether we mix it up 50:50 regardless of character perspectives, or whether we divvy out the characters is still up in the air. There’s a possibility one of us will take on the two (more minor) character perspectives, and the other one of us will take the protagonist. Give or take a few chapters, because our protagonist still has a few extra chapters than the other two combined, I think. But that’s one of the things left to work out.

Do I have a preference? Does Ashley have a preference? Honestly, it probably doesn’t matter. I think I’ll be happy whatever chapters I end up writing. They all look pretty exciting to me, and I can’t wait to see how it pans out!

If you’d like to hear more about developing characters, be sure to listen to the upcoming podcast later this week, where we discuss creating believable characters. We had quite a good dialogue about what it looks like for us, and what we see as being important in bringing a character to life.

Personal Update

My ‘lab’ for one of my previous courses I took finally became available last week. But because of covid, rather than hands on clinical simulations, the university I study at decided to make it into an online course with weekly seminars. Which is totally fine, and it is relatively interesting course material (maternal and neonatal care, if you’re interested!) but ugh… assignments. They’ve been taking up my time, and though I do reasonably well when it comes to academic coursework, I don’t like it, per say. But still, the end is in sight. Only one more ‘lab’ after this one and then bring on the final exam.

P.S. It has been snowing day in and day out for the last week, so Calgary has officially transitioned into winter! Below is a pic of the street I live on. Where I live, it’s pretty typical to get snow in October, sometimes as early as late September, and it doesn’t fully disappear until May. Fortunately, the harsh winters are still a commodity to me, even though this is my third winter here.

~ S

I quite like the street we live down. Even setting can have character. Nothing looks prettier to me than our cookie-cutter houses covered in snow!